All praises go to Allah Pak Rabbul ‘Alamin, WHO created us, then made us the ummah of Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam and placed us on complete Dween Islam.

Countless Durud and Salam for the last Rwasool, Sayeedul Mursaalin, Imaamul Mursaalin, Noor-i-Mujassam, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Salam, Who holds all the Ilm (knowledge) of the universe from the beginning till the end of it’s creation. Numerous Swalat and Salam for our beloved (Aqa) Imaamul Aimmah, Muhyus Sunnah, Kutubul ‘Alam, Ghausul ‘Azam, Mamduh Hadrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul ‘Aalee Who is a true Waris (successor) of that Ilm that has been left back by Sayeedul Mursaalin, Imaamul Mursaalin, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. In order to promote and expand that knowledge among people and raising them in the light of Nubuwah and teaching them the correct lessons of Dween Islam, our Aqa, the most revered Mamduh, Hadrat Murshid Qibla of Dhaka Rajarbag Durbar Shareef had established a Madrassa, called “Muhammadia Jamiya Shareef”.

Muhammadia Jamya Shareef is indeed the best institute of the age for imparting religious lessons. Special emphasis is placed on the aspects of learning Ilm-i-Tasawuf besides teaching Ilm-i-Fiqh so that the students could earn the very satisfaction of Allah Pak and His Habeeb, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Salam through following and imitating Sunnah and remaining firm on practicing those.

There have come up numerous Madrassa in this sub-continent so far but they have failed to make true Allah-Wala (absolute Allah-minded) people. A close observation on history would make the reasons clear. Muhammadia Jamiya Shareef has come up as the only answer to all these failures.

Specialties of Muhammadia Jamiya Shareef:

1. Muhammadia Jamiya Shareef places emphasis not only on achieving academic knowledge but on being true Allah-Wala (Allah-loving) through gaining the satisfaction of Allah Pak and Habeeb of Allah Pak, Sayeedul Mursaalin, Imaamul Mursaalin, Noor-i-Mujassam, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.

2. Imparting lessons of true Aqeeda (concept) of Ahle Sunnat wal Jam’at through a blending of Ilm-i-Fiqh and Ilm-i-Tasawf.

3. Places emphasis on practicing Sunnah in every aspect of daily life in move and conduct, dressing, eating and particularly on mandatory Tahazzud prayers and Zikr.

4. Particular stress is given on picking up discipline and manner and etiquette.

5. Lessons based on five languages including Bangla, Arabic, Urdu, Persian and English with special emphasis on pronunciation.

6. Located in the heart of the city in a wonderful and secure environment. Taught in classes with limited seats.

7. Arrangements are there for appearing in exams of Alim, Dakhil, Fazil and Kamil

8. Students are kept under continuous supervision by a set of well qualified and competent teachers.

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